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You will shed tears for this country when you understand what our banks are doing to their customers it is shocking to discover that Nigerians are loosing more money to their bank than they loose to armed robbers.
What you are reading is written in the public interest, in good faith and on behalf of the silent million Nigerians who are daily being afflicted with pains and personal losses as a result of banking industry for a very long time. It is not aimed at witch-hunting anybody or institution per ser but, our intention is to act as catalyst for the emancipation of the Nigerian economy in the long run. Our intention is just to speak out the truth for the rejuvenation of the banking industry which is currently in a bad state.
We are a Union of Banks and other Financial Institutions Customers in Nigeria who by chance came to understand that the Nigerian Banking industry is nothing but fraud, All the activities of the Nigerian banks are aimed at defrauding its customers which also includes the federal Government, State Government, and Local Government etc.
It is an unknown fact that over 60% of the profit before tax being declared by an average Nigerian bank emanate from spurious and illegal bank charges unknown to the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These banks get away with these infractions because majority of their customers are illiterates when it comes to the issue of banking and therefore, unknowingly admit these illegal bank charges surreptitiously laid into their accounts by their banks using various financial gimmicks. Sometimes, these customers are made to sign illegal facility offer letters laced with spurious and unenforceable clauses.
At the end of the day, led by monthly compounded loan/overdraft interest the imputed debt may become unpayable by the customer and the bank would then be in a vantage position to either foreclose on the customers, or if the customer is a lucky one, made to pay a spurious and bogus debt.
We know many former Landlords today that were put in that condition by our dubious banks today and evidence has shown that over 90% of the people that are been chased around, harassed and intimidated by our banks as debtors are actually not indebted at all to these dubious banks who are only capitalized on the ignorance of people as regards to ban king rules and regulation to defraud them
All that the bank needs to do to earn stupendous illicit return is to just sit back in the comfort of their air-conditioned offices and illegally put spurious bank charges to customers account and also reduce the interest payable to savings account holders without any just cause. For example, just imagine a bank having one million current account holders and that each month, the bank surreptitiously and clandestinely debits N 1, 000 illegally which would translate into N 1 billion monthly and N 12 billion annually just like that. Only very few customers would feel the punch if N 1 000 is illegally deducted from its account monthly, whilst many bank customers would not even bother to notice it.
Meanwhile, you will agree with us that the average profit before tax of most banks in Nigeria is not more than N12 billion.
Most businesses that collapse in Nigeria is not as a result of poor management by the owners but albeit the nefarious illegalities of the banks, who ensure that they ruin the customers businesses, Nigerian banks do not carry any risk but always pass every bill to their customers. Nigeria banks are very unduly extravagant, irritating, crooked but nevertheless arrogant. As banking professionals, we expect Nigerian banks to grow their customers as is being done in advanced economies, unfortunately in Nigeria, the reverse is the case as banks take delight in killing their customers over spurious debts and It may not come to you as a surprise that many Nigerian businesses thrive better when they do not take credit facilities from a bank and always run into serious problem whenever a credit facility is taken from a Nigerian bank. Nigerian banks have turned credit facilities into bottom-less pits to the extent that the more you pay, the more you owe.
By this, it is trite to state that Nigerian banks have enslaved the Nigerian economy through their parasitic conducts thereby milking the economy dry.
 Unfortunately some weak hearted borrowing customers have even committed suicide over spurious debts as a result of immense pressure put to bear on them by lending banks. Sadly enough, it has come to our notice that most houses being converted by Nigerian banks to their branches were illegally seized from alleged debtors. The spiral effect leads to higher unemployment, scattered homes, higher crime rates, loss of revenue to the Government and other social dislocations.
We are very concerned about the deceits in the Nigerian banking industry because we are being daily engaged by angry Nigerians to investigate their financial transactions with their banks and we have come to the knowledge that Nigerian banks sharply fleece their customers with impunity or better said, without remorse, from our stand –point, the average Nigerian bank is a fraud personified. Rascals have now virtually taken over the entire Nigerian banking industry and they have become insatiable parasites to the masses.     
Investigation further Shows that Nigerians loose over N150 billion to their banks annually through illegal and dubious bank charges and deliberate manipulation of banking transaction by our banks against un-suspecting customers,
This manipulation and stealing by our banks are done and concealed in a way and manner that will be difficult for an average bank customer to un-ravel.
And we also found out that all our banks with no exception are involved in this organized crime against innocent bank customers in Nigeria for instance,
Access Bank stole over N 649 million from Saidon Africa ltd which was discovered and return to the owner when the bank was confronted with evidence of their fraud, the same Access Bank stole and later returned over N171 million to ICMG Securities Ltd.
Ø Ecobank Stole and later returned over N4 million to Matrix Energy Ltd
Ø Finbank Stole and later returned over N 166 million to Pabe Oil & Gas Ltd
Ø First Bank Stole and later returned over N3 million to a woman (Mrs Oguntoyinbo).
Ø FCMB Stole and later returned over N 15 million to Ifechukwu Progressive Ventures ltd.
Ø Gtbank Stole and later returned over N1.4 million to Vera City Ventures.
Ø Oceanic Bank stole and later returned over N45, million to Pharma Deko Plc  
Ø Skye Bank Stole and later returned over N 10 million to Continental Resources ltd.
Ø Sterling Bank Stole and later over N4.55 million to continental Resources ltd.
Ø Zenith Bank Stole and later returned over N3.7 million to Cross. World Securities ltd.
And thousands of other cases including those of Micro-Finance Banks and other fraudulently financial institutions that space will not permit us to pen down here.
And we can emphatically state here with the benefit of insight that there is no Bank Customer that our banks don’t steal from, in fact the biggest 419 industry we have now in Nigeria today is the Banking Industry, that is why you must not keep quite whenever you suspected or discover some things in your account or banking transactions that are not too clear to you.
            Something happened in April 2012 when over 3,500 complaints from angry frustrated bank customers was lodged  within 30 days and after investigation over N5 billion was discovered to have been stolen from those customers by their banks which CBN has to force these Culprit banks to return to the customers.
That is why you must keep quite as we guarantee that we shall promptly investigate any complaint brought to our attention and ensure that no bank or financial institution steals from you or abuse your right as a bank customer in any form and get away with it.
Our experience and expertise enable us to dig into the facts behinds the figures in your transactions with your bank(s) and fish out the discrepancies and fraudulent manipulations therein and ensure that your money is returned to you with interest as is stipulated by Law because we understand the rules of the game and  know all the secrets that Nigerian banks don’t want their customers to know so we can accurately tell you what happened on your account, how it happened and when it happened and above all help you to get your money back.
1.     Fraud examinations involving excessive and illegal bank charges, tax frauds, financial statement frauds, investment frauds and other economic frauds;
2.     Training and Capacity Building;
3.     Litigation Support; and
4.     Management and Financial Advisory Services.
To serve as an advocacy group and a rallying point for all customers of banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria.
To ensure that no bank or financial institution in Nigeria steals from the masses or abuse their right as bank customers in any way and get away with it.

Our professional services include:
1.     Tracing and recovery of illegal and dubious bank charges for both corporate and individuals bank customers in Nigeria. This became necessary following the shocking discovery that all our banks has deliberately created dubious, hidden and illegal channels through which they siphon money from their customer’s account.
2.      Loan Adjustment Service: we have discovered that the reason why over 75% of bank customers finds it difficult to pay back the loan facilities they obtained from their banks is because most of these loan facilities are being deliberately manipulated by our banks in order to put the borrowers at default so that he/she will end up paying unnecessary interest to these banks. In such cases we usually confront the banks involved and force them to adjust the loan facility in line with approved banking rules and regulations and pay back to the customer any excess interest charges they have collected from him or her in the past.
3.     Training: the only reason our banks steal and continues to rob innocent bank customers is because these banks know that most bank customers do not have any knowledge of Nigerian banking rules and regulation including our accountants and auditors and these banks will do anything to conceal these rules from their customers so that they can continue to rob and steal from them. But we can train average bank customers to understand and know his/her right as a bank customer and expose him/her to the various means through which our banks siphon money from their customers account.
This training is for both corporate and individual bank customers.
We also handle business packaging, corporate restructuring, management training, packaging of feasibility studies and general financial advisory services
We have our offices and bank customer complain centers across major cities and business districts in all the 36 state of Nigeria and Abuja.
We have helped hundreds of defrauded bank customers to recover their stolen funds from their banks, adjust fraudulent loan packages and block other illegal channels through which their banks has been draining their purse in the past and we can do the same for you.
Visit our office at suit H2/426-428 Article market opp. Trade fair complex Lagos. Or call 08168621966, 07087042410, 08032696059, 


  1. I wish this bod long life and strenght because automatically, they now have enemies from the so called big boys of the banking industr which are not really big boys but big thieves. Again I wish this body long life

  2. I want to use this opportunity to say congratulations to Nigerians and Nigeria for this great achievement b this body, more grace to your elbow.....Truth is the saying that no matter how long lies will live, truth will catchup and not just catchup but prevail......Kudos guys

  3. I want to use this opportunity to thank this body becouse the banks in nigeria they are more than armed robbers, they uses various means to get money from their customers. I think dis will enlighting the customers the more to know the banks have rob them.

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