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How To Trace and recovery every kobo that your bank has stolen from you in the past

Our experience as a team of forensic accountants who specializes in helping bank customers to recover illegal and overcharged bank fees, unpaid or underpaid interests and to adjust inflated loan packages has opened our eyes to the dubious activities that is going on in our banking system today. Innocent Nigerian bank customers are being robbed everyday by a dubious banking system that capitalizes on the ignorance of their customers as regards to banking rules and regulation to rob them of their hard earned money. It is on record that Nigerians are loosing more money to their banks than they loose to armed robbers and area boys put together. Experience also shows that there is no account holders money with any Nigerian bank or financial transaction that involves a Nigerian bank and a customer that is not manipulated against the unsuspecting customer by the bank, especially when such banks discovers that such customer knows next to nothing about banking rules and regulations. There have been cases where a Nigerian bank systematically and illegally took money totaling over N400 million from a single customer within a 36 months period. Even our government taxes collected by these banks and other government's money in their custody are not left out and many companies has been forced out of business as a result of illegal and dubious bank charges(the case of Cadbury Nigeria Plc is a typical example while three Nigerian banks were recently asked to refund over N4 billion to Edo state government which was illegally and dubiously taken from the state government as bank charges and many more states and local governments are loosing millions of Naira to our banks on a daily basis through one dubious charges or the other . Our experience also shows that many bank customers do not know that there are relevant laws that protects them against these excesses by their banks. Another issue is that many of them do not know where or how to seek for help when they suspect or discovers that their banks are cheating on them, some don't know that there are modern bank excess charges recovery software that one can use to extract every overcharged and illegal bank fees and inflated interests on loans with hundred percent accuracy from his/her account. This ignorance of Nigerian bank customers is what has encouraged these banks to engage in this massive fraud and unwholesome banking practices which has characterized our banking industry of late.

we are a team of legal and financial experts that are out to expose how Banks in this country betray the trust of their customers and violate all banking rules and regulations in their quest to make money at all cost
* How to deal with our banks without being cheated.
* The pains and agonies of Nigerian Bank customers
* How our banks deceive Nigerians and betray the trust of their customers
* The secrets the Banks don't want you to know about your accounts
* The major ways and tactics Nigerian Banks apply to rob their innocent customers daily
* Understanding your rights as a bank customer
* What the law says and what the banks do
* How to find out the exact amount that has been illegally taken from your account from the last six years till date.
* How to hold the Banks responsible for all forms of customer abuse, illegal charges and outright stealing of their customers funds.
* How and where to seek for help when you suspect that your bank is tampering with your money
* How to recover your money from any bank in Nigeria.
* How to prevent further incursion into your account
And so much more.

Many individual and co-operate bank customers has come to us in the past and got shocking results and the least amount that has been so far recovered by a single customer from his bank was N765,000 which was illegally and systematically taken from his account by his bank within a 6 month period while others has recovered, money that runs into several billions (as high as N3,217,651,426.40) by a single customer especially from accounts that has heavy and busy cash flows and from accounts that belongs to governments and government parastatals at all tiers because such accounts are the most prone to bank frauds. Ever since we have been reviewing bank charges, the lowest overcharge we discovered is N765,000.00 on a 6 Months account of N10,000,000.00Dr Monthly turnover while the highest is N3,217,651,426.40 on a 5-Year account of N1,600,000,000.00Dr Monthly turnover.
 many reputable companies and individuals in the ones listed below can share with you their bitter experiences of how our dubious banks has stolen and later refunded several millions/billions of Naira to them:

Acorn Petroleum Plc., Lagos
Adebowale Investment Limited, Lagos
Alliance Energy Limited, Lagos
Alminnur Resources Limited, Lagos
Amokson Trading & Stores Limited, Ogun State
Ayokunle Farms Limited, Ogun State
Berger Paints Plc., Lagos
Bideco Nigeria Limited, Lagos
Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lagos
Danmanya Petronetworks (Nig.) Limited
Ikoyi Club 1938, Ikoyi, Lagos
Industrial and General Insurance Co. Limited, Lagos.
International Breweries Plc., Osun State
Masters Energy Oil and Gas Limited, Lagos
Metropolitan Motors Limited, Lagos
Mettle Energy and Gas Limited, Lagos
Nikechukwu Motors Limited, Aba
NetConstruct Nigeria Limited, Lagos
Oando Plc, Lagos
Petroleum Prospects International Limited
Phase 3 Telecom Limited, Abuja
Total Nigeria Plc., Lagos
Toyota Nigeria Limited, Lagos
Resourcery Limited, Lagos
Slot Systems Limited, Lagos
Solar Garden Projects Limited, Lagos
Summit Strategic Services Limited, Lagos
Ugo-Durumba Enterprises Limited, Owerri
Waterparks Limited, Lagos
Woobs Resources Limited, Lagos.

And none of these culprit banks has denied or defended their illegal activities when confronted with facts.
So if you are a Nigerian bank customer, (corporate or individual) or you manage the account that belongs to our government or government parastatals at all tiers or you want to obtain any loan facility from a Nigerian Bank please do yourself a favour by getting in touch because experience has shown that most loan facilities in Nigeria today were fraudulent manipulated against the borrowers, by their banks that is why most people find it difficult to pay back their loan facilities and end up as debtors to their banks. (You will read real life experiences of some people later).
Our policy makers and supervisory agencies also need our expertise because we know and can expose the porous nature of our financial regulatory and supervisory mechanism..

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  1. You mentioned big companies who they defrauded in millions. What about poor Nigerians who sweat to save little and they took their money?

    1. yes oh my broda low income earners whom dey steal smal moni 4rm lik 100,200... lik dat wat abt such

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  3. Only God knows where one can run to in this banana republic called Nigeria. These articles are mere solicitation for patronage. The customer gets defrauded by his banker. He turns to a professional for service, who then sounds like a babalawo by not coming straight like in these articles.

    There is a rat race by these forensic this and that to lure bank customers into engaging their bankers in a fight over mere nuances and bogous claims like this. Buyer be ware! Mcgill S Dyke

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