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Our Services

Our Professional services include

Tracing and recovery of illegal and dubious bank charges for both corporate and individual bank customers in Nigeria. This became necessary following  the shocking discovery that all our banks has deliberately created dubious, hidden and illegal channels through which they siphon money from their customer's account.

 we have discovered that the reason why over 75% of bank customers finds it difficult to pay back the loan facilities they obtained from their banks is because most of these loan facilities are being deliberately manipulated by our banks in order to put the borrowers at default so that he/she will end up paying unnecessary interest to these banks. In such cases we usually confront the bank involved and force them to adjust he loan facility in line with approved banking rules and regulations and pay back to he customer any excess interest charges they have collected from him/her in the past.

Training: The only reason our banks steal and continues to rob innocent bank customers is because these banks know that most bank customers do not have any knowledge of Nigerian banking rules and regulations
 including our accountants and auditors and these banks will do anything to conceal these rules from their customers so that they can continue to rob and steal from them. but we can train an average bank customer to understand and know his/her rights as a bank customer and expose him/her to the various means through which our banks siphon money from their customers account.
(This training is for both corporate and individual bank customers)

We also handle -
  • Business Packaging
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Management Training
  • Packaging of Feasibility Studies and
  • General Financial Advisory Services