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About Us

 UNION OF BANKS AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS CUSTOMERS OF NIGERIA (UBAFICON) is a union that seeks to brings together all customers of banks and other financial institutions in Nigeria in order to ensure that their voice is heard and their rights protected especially now that rascals and fraudsters has completely taken over the banking industry and brazenly steals from their customers with impunity and without remorse.

it was also conceived  to ensure that every Nigerian has access to the relevant information that he/she needs in order to make an informed decision in financial matters that affects their everyday life and to know where and how to seek redress whenever their right is infringed upon in the cause of such transcations.

It was developed by our undying passion to ensure the total eradication of fraudulent and criminal manipulation of the Nigerian economy by public and private financial institutions especially banks, the stock exchange, stock-broking firms, public electricity providers, insurance firms, finance houses, telecommunication service providers etc that has crookedly conspired with relevant regulatory authorities to make life unbearable and exterminate without just cause the businesses of innocent Nigerians.

We are not interested in any particular public or private institution per se but out to ensure a total turn around of the corrupt and inept financial sector in Nigeria by ensuring that public service providers and professionals for once learn to live within their legitimate means and not use their privileged position to steal, extort, deprive, annihilate, embarrass, threaten and harass the larger Nigerians into undeserved submission using financial gimmicks which are not known to law and utterly impossible to decode by the naive, ignorant and unsuspecting citizens of this country. Of a truth there is a massive, undesirable, regretful, condemnable and illicit stealing and fraud going on unrestrained in the Nigerian financial sector which the Nigerian people has a right not just to know but also to know how to protect themselves whenever the needs arises.

We have been co-operating with relevant anti-corruption agencies in Nigeria in order to stop the violators and looters of the Nigerian economy and shall continue to do so until the wrongs against innocent Nigerians are appropriately mitigated in line with the rule of law.